Eco-Friendly Production

Jen Malik – Stanridge Speed – Cycling Food Package Recycling

Eco-Friendly isn’t just a catchy buzzword at Smanie.

It’s the heart of our company, our employees, and our athletes.

Joe Breeden – NS Bikes – UR Team – CO2 Neutral Actions

When choosing how to develop a product our ethos is to choose the option that will have the least amount of environmental impact that includes the development of products using a circular economy concept.

We have removed all plastic bags from our packaging, which even includes freight packaging.

We start by producing all of our products from recycled or Eco-friendly materials. That includes our covers, foam, bases, rails, and even our packaging. Our products meet European REACH standards.

We have developed a process that uses recycled carbon bicycle frames to reduce the use of new material in our saddle bases.

We use local sourcing and only choose suppliers located within 100 km of our production facility to reduce our carbon footprint from transportation of raw materials.

Our PU foam is biodegradable to reduce the impact of our saddles on the environment once they aren’t being used anymore and our EVA foam is created from recycled material.

Our covers are created from environmentally safe materials including the ink used in the saddle graphics.

We choose high-efficiency, modern, energy-efficient CNC machinery over traditional machines in order to reduce our production carbon footprint and to reduce energy consumption.

We purposefully choose to hand-assemble our saddles to reduce the carbon footprint from using complicated automation processes. We assemble our saddles in the same area as the production line so that materials do not have to be transported throughout the facility.

We carefully choose our partners. We partner with like-minded teams and athletes who promote our eco-ethos. From the UR Team’s CO2 Neutral actions to Jen Malik’s push to recycle all cycling food packaging and even our event partner Brioso Coffee’s green sourcing practices.

Brioso Coffee – Smanie Event Partner – Green Sourcing Practices