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Meet the new N•SPIRE Saddle

A saddle engineered specifically with the mountain bike Trail rider in mind; whether you compete amongst the world’s elite Enduro racers on an International platform, or if getting lost in your local mountain range is your thing, our n.spire saddle was designed for you.

As with all of our saddles, the n.Spire will be available in 3 different sizing options: 136mm, 146mm, and 156mm. We are huge on proper fit around here, and implore you to take the time to demo and try out our saddles to be sure that you are purchasing the perfect one for your individual sizing.

The n.Spire story is a great one. This saddle was designed in Italy, then the engineering was extensively tested at Ohio State University by not only some of the university’s finest engineers, but engineers that happen to be mountain bikers! What unfolded was a saddle that we are truly proud of. We skimp at nothing so that you can truly #forgetaboutus on each and every ride you go on. And our n.spire is no exception!