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About Smanie

Smanie products are developed through partnerships with world-class athletes to meet the demands of the most challenging tracks and race situations, confirmed by studies carried out in the lab and fit studios and available to all. Our products are designed to allow you to focus on the road or trail ahead, the riders around you and to be able to absorb the experience that being on a bike brings.
What's in a name? S.maine in Italian translates to "Mania for Sports." As a company, Smanie is, above all else passionate about all things two wheels. We are bonded by our love for cycling and the community around the globe that it encompasses. It is with passion that we meticulously strive to design innovative, high-end, eco-friendly saddles with riders' experience on the bike at the forefront of our minds.
As Cyclists, we know that the most important attribute of a saddle is for it to disappear beneath us as we ride. It should be void from our thoughts and allow us to focus on the road or trail ahead, the sights surrounding us and the experience that being on two wheels brings.


Eco-Friendly Production

Smanie high-end saddles are manufactured in an eco-friendly production method. Eco-friendly isn't just a catch buzzword at Smanie. It's the heart of our company, our employees and our athletes. We start by producing all of our products from recycled materials. That includes our covers, foam, bases, rails and even our packaging. Find out more about what makes us who we are here.

TRI S Program

When a cyclist sits on a saddle there are three points of contact that are subjected to the most pressure: two at the back in the ischial area and one in the front in the perineal area. These points vary according to the "size" of the pelvis and the muscular structure. When designing the shell of a saddle, the TRI S Program aims to identify these pressure points so that the saddle will suit the cyclists' needs by increasing lateral support surface for the bones in the ischium and creating a central channel far enough forward to relieve pressure on the perineum. This knowledge has enabled use to produce a very versatile range of saddles that meet the needs of professional and amateur cyclists alike. Each with unique pelvic structures. This technique has been utilized in designing all of our saddles and is the at the core of our advanced design process.

All of our saddles feature:
  • Athermic Insulation: we use padding that is heat resistant to allow for a more comfortable ride during those long days in the saddle.
  • Water Repellent: the use of waterproof materials to protect both the rider and the saddle from unwanted friction and premature wear.
  • Green Manufacturing: eco-friendly manufacturing process
  • Recycled Materials: whenever we can we prioritize the use of recycled materials
  • Core Elastomer: the use of synthetic polymer in the center of the saddle to improve comfort in the perineal region.
  • Air Flow Technology: the use of breathable material in our foam
  • ECO+ Padding: Our top models all feature Eco+ padding. It is a material that represents the core values of our company. It is created by using recycled material while still offering maximum comfort and aesthetic qualities in addition to being an athermic and water repellent material.