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For more information on our 30-day fit guarantee click here.

Sport Smanie Inc. products are guaranteed for twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase from material and/or manufacture defects; proof of purchase date is that indicated on the receipt issued by an authorized dealer.

A faulty product will be repaired or replaced with an identical one or with an equal one by Sport Smanie Inc. within the above mentioned period if the defect is not caused by carelessness, improper use, or incorrect installation. Sport Smanie Inc. products have been inspected by Sport Smanie Quality Department and they do not show clear or identifiable aesthetic imperfections on the surface, in finishes, and/or in the general appearance when you bought them. The presence of possible imperfections must not be considered a manufacturing defect but it must be considered as a feature or as a quality of the product as handcrafted. Noncompliance with the following indications invalidates any warranty and in that case Sport Smanie Inc. will not be liable for any possible damage or injury. The warranty is only offered to the original purchaser and cannot be extended to third parties, and no dealer, agent or employee of Sport Smanie Inc. is authorized to modify, extend and expand it. This warranty does not compromise any possible rights protected by the national laws regarding consumer goods.

Sport Smanie Inc guarantees the life of its products only if they are used and maintained in the right way. The life of the product can depend on the type of use, weather conditions, road surface, the weight of the rider, and your actions when riding. The product may become damaged in case of falls, blows, impacts, or mistreatment. For safety reasons please check or have your product checked by a qualified mechanic in order to point out the wear and tear of the product, cracks, and/or breaks. Every product that shows structural damage must be immediately replaced. For safety reasons, Sport Smanie Inc. recommends replacing the product five (5) years after it’s purchase, whenever there are signs of structural degradation or after it has been used for 15,000 km.

The seat post can affect the structural strength of the saddle. The particular conformation of the clamping system of some types of seat posts can compromise the strength of the saddle rail or interfere with the structure, altering its performance. The use of an unsuitable seat post can cause problems and be the cause of accidents to persons and property. It is advisable to use seat posts having a clamping system of adequate size and that cannot exert a cutting action on the saddle rail. The seat post must be used according to its maker’s instructions.

Carbon rail advisable torque: 12~12 Nm, Maximum 14 Nm.
Do not over tighten the carbon rail. It may cause possible danger. Please examine your clamp frequently while riding for safety purposes.

Cleaning and Maintenance
To clean the saddle it is advisable to use a soft cloth moistened with water and a little neutral soap. Do not use direct water jets. Allow the saddle to dry in the open air, out of the sun. Do not apply solvent-base products. Excessive sweating or the use of some anti-irritant lotions can damage the saddle covering. The loss of color in some covering materials caused by UV rays, wear and tear, sweat, heat and moisture is a natural process and for this reason not covered by the warranty.

Positioning and Assembly
Moving the saddle even just a few millimeters can affect the performance of the pedaling action. The wrong positioning of the saddle can cause pathologies to the muscular-skeletal-tendinous system. Perfect positioning of requires care and attention, it is important to follow the saddle makers instructions. Sport Smanie Inc. advises you to see your local dealer or a qualified technician for a bike fit prior to use.

Assistance Procedure Under Warranty
Fill in the form below, include the date of purchase, retailer name, and your contact information. We will reply to your message as soon as possible.

To submit a service or warranty request please use the form below: